Weddings must be booked 6 months in advance (scroll for more details)

Contact Parish Office: (405) 235-4565

Wedding Fees     Quinceanera Fees  
Church $560.00   Church $310.00
Celebrant $250.00   Celebrant $250.00
Altar Servers $40.00   Altar Servers $40.00
Consultant $350.00   Consultant $300.00
Security $150.00   Security $150.00
Cleaning $150.00   Cleaning $150.00
Total $1,500.00   Total $1200.00

The rental fee for a ceremony includes 4 hours of rental time, set up and clean up. Rental fee also includes one hour of
rehearsal time the night before the wedding/Quinceañera, church rental, pastor or deacon and coordinator. There is an extra
fee for weddings/Quinceañera scheduled on holidays. Couples marrying at St. Joseph Old Cathedral are required to attend
one of the offered pre-marriage sessions.

Wedding planning services No alcohol or drugs allowed on premises
Bride's dressing area Coordinator must approve all decorations
Groom's dressing area No rice, birdseed, confetti, etc.
Day-of coordinator No amplified music
Pastor or Deacon included No tobacco or vaping products
One hour of rehearsal time the night before the wedding No kitchen
A $300 refundable security deposit is required to reserve the date, refundable only if the facility is left in good clean order
following the event. There are no refunds of any Wedding or Quinceañera fees 30 day prior to the scheduled ceremony.
Wedding fees must be paid in full one month before the scheduled date.
The cost of the church for contributing members is $400, fees for celebrant, servers, consultant, security and cleaning still
apply. The total for members is $1,340.To qualify for the discount, you must be an active, contributing member for at least six
months prior to applying for a wedding date.
Contact organist, Josh Dumbleton at 919/744-7193 or at [email protected] for a full list of fees and services.

Sacraments, as the external signs of the inner life of God’s grace active in our lives, are cherished by the
Church. In preparing for the Sacrament of Matrimony, as in the other sacraments, reflection and
preparation are essential. Marriage, as a special intimate bond between husband and wife and the mirror
of God’s divine love, requires time and reflection to fully appreciate its truly sacred and life-giving
St. Joseph Old Cathedral provides the following guidelines for the celebration of your wedding in this
beautiful old cathedral.
The law of the church allows only practicing Roman Catholics to marry in the church. In order to be
married at St. Joseph Old Cathedral you must first ask for and receive permission from the pastor. This
should be at least six months prior to your desired wedding date. Once permission is granted please
contact the church office for scheduling information. With the pastor’s permission, a priest or deacon
who is a friend or relative of the couple is welcome to assist our clergy at your ceremony.
Before an appointment can be made to meet with the pastor/administrator, the following are needed:
Certain documents are required to establish your sacramental status within the Church, your freedom
from any previous unions, as well as sworn statements attesting to your clear understanding of the
nature and responsibilities of Christian marriage. The following are required documents:
A current dated copy of your baptismal certificate is required for those who are Catholic. This can
be obtained by contacting the church where you were baptized and requesting a current dated
copy with notations. The Catholic Church requires a current dated copy of your baptismal
certificate with notations to confirm sacraments received in the Catholic Church. For those
baptized in another Christian faith, the church, location and date of baptism is sufficient.
2. THE MARRIAGE REGISTER, provided in this packet
This is a sworn statement, witnessed by a priest or deacon, attesting that you have never been
married in either a church or civil ceremony and that there is no known impediment to the
impending marriage. If either party has ever been married, either in the Catholic Church or
another church, there are steps to be taken to be considered free to marry in the Catholic church.
This will be explained by the pastor/administrator.
Before your wedding a civil license is required, the Oklahoma County Court Clerk registers all civil
documents. Therefore, any questions you have regarding the procurement of the civil license,
blood tests, or other civil concerns should be addressed to the Court. Licenses are valid for ten
days from the date they are issued. The license must be given to the wedding coordinator no
later than the rehearsal. Please note: it is against the law for the wedding ceremony to take
place without a civil license. General marriage license information for Oklahoma County may be
found at
When the documents have been collected, an appointment will be made with the pastor/administrator of
the parish to determine eligibility and to set a date. If you prefer the celebrant of your wedding, to be a
priest or deacon who is not assigned to our parish, permission by our pastor/administrator must be
granted prior to extending an invitation to the visiting celebrant. Please have the visiting celebrant
contact the church office to talk with the pastor/administrator to set a date. It is the responsibility of the 
visiting celebrant to fulfill all requirements for the necessary paperwork and couple’s marriage
preparation in compliance with the policies of the Diocese of Oklahoma City. The visiting celebrant is
expected to follow the guidelines presented.
Please note that St. Joseph Old Cathedral is designated as a pilgrim church by the Archdiocese of
Oklahoma City and there are many activities that take place in this parish. It is possible that there can be
two or more celebrations on the same day and the church is not exclusive to just one celebration.
Weddings and rehearsals are scheduled with respect to the couple’s wishes and the availability of the
church building and the parish ministers. Wedding liturgies are celebrated at St. Joseph Old Cathedral on
Saturday between 10:00 a.m. & 1:30 p.m., or at 6:00 p.m. Rehearsals are held on Friday between 5:30
p.m. and 7:00 p.m. and are conducted by the wedding coordinator. There are no weddings on Sundays.
For weekday weddings, special arrangements can be made on an individual basis. Out of respect for the
wedding coordinator, please ensure that your entire wedding party arrives on time.
There are times in the church year when the liturgical calendar may not be conducive to a wedding, such
as during the season of Lent or holidays. There is an additional fee for weddings scheduled on holidays.
Please ask the pastor/administrator if you are considering a wedding during this time period. Your
reservation form will be reviewed by the pastor and organist and coordinator, upon their approval, your
date will be secured on the church calendar.
A $300 deposit is required to save the date, refundable only if the church and grounds are left in good
clean order. Wedding deposits are NOT REFUNDED WITHIN 30 DAYS of the scheduled wedding date.
The wedding coordinator will contact you for an initial visit to assist you with your wedding plans.
Our ministry at St. Joseph Old Cathedral is to assist you as an engaged couple, not so much for a wedding
day but for a lifetime celebration of the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. Therefore, you are encouraged to
pray for the graces and strength to respond generously to God’s call to the vocation of Christian marriage.
other ministers may receive permission to witness weddings at St. Joseph Old Cathedral, it is the duty of
the parish-assigned clergy to conduct and supervise the preparation process, including spiritual
MARRIAGE COUNSELING SESSION: The couple will meet with our staff counselor to complete a personality
inventory and marriage preparation assessment. Please contact the church office at least 2 months
before the wedding to schedule counseling. No cost involved.
THE SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION: It is recommended for Catholics as part of your spiritual
preparation for Christian marriage. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is not celebrated at the time of the
rehearsal or the day of the wedding; however, arrangements for a private celebration of Reconciliation
may be arranged with your wedding celebrant. Reconciliation is offered at St. Joseph Old Cathedral
Monday thru Friday from 11:15 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. and Saturday from 3:00 p.m. to 3:45 p.m.
Early in the preparation of the wedding, it is important to meet with the wedding coordinator of the
parish. They will assist you in meeting any staff members involved in the wedding. While many couples
have a “wedding consultant/planner,” it is important to note that it is the wedding coordinator of this
parish who will be responsible for all things liturgical, in conjunction with the celebrant, for planning,
rehearsal and the wedding celebration.
The wedding party will be allowed access to the church two hours before your wedding. Please keep
this in mind when making arrangements with your florist, photographer and videographer. The
coordinator will show you to the designated bride and groom dressing areas. The bride must be at the
church one hour prior to the start of the wedding for the ceremony to take place.
The liturgy of Christian marriage is a moment of joy and celebration. In planning, keep in mind that the
ceremony is first and foremost a moment of prayer for all who are present. All aspects of the celebration
should reflect the noble simplicity befitting Christian worship. Whether the ceremony is celebrated with
or without Mass, the liturgy will be discussed and planned with your celebrant. The wedding coordinator
will provide you with a booklet to help you decide what readings and vows to be used during the
wedding celebration. Non-scripture passages are not allowed in the place of scripture. Please remember
that this is also a parish celebration, as well as a celebration of the couple. Couples being married at the
6:00 p.m. service will be required to use the readings of the day; one marriage reading may be
The Church considers the couple that is marrying as Ordinary Ministers of the Sacrament. The Law of the
Church is specific with regard to the couple’s eligibility of celebrating this Sacrament of the Church, the
priest/deacon is the chief witness on the part of the Church of this Holy Sacrament, attests that all is in
order. Along with you and your celebrant, there are others who will take part in this moment of prayer
and commitment. The Best Man and Maid of Honor are in attendance as personal witnesses. Members of
your wedding party, usually ushers, will greet the invited guests in a spirit of hospitality and welcome.
The Director of Music at St. Joseph Old Cathedral will provide a musical setting that respects the dignity
of this moment. Beyond these ministries, we ask you to consider individuals who might function in the
following special roles in your wedding:
Whether or not your celebration takes place in the context of a Mass, the proclamation of God’s Word in
the Scriptures is an integral part of the wedding celebration. It is the desire of the church that lectors be
Catholic. You may select one or two individuals, depending on the number of readings selected, to
proclaim God’s Word to the community gathered. Those whom you select should first and foremost be
persons of faith who actively participate in the liturgy of their church. They must show reverence,
pronounce the readings with effective intonation, and wear respectful clothing.
Only those commissioned by the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City as Communion ministers may serve at the
nuptial mass.
The altar servers are called upon to assist the priest/deacon in the liturgical celebration of the sacrament.
If the couple wants to have a family member or friends serve, permission must be secured from the
pastor/administrator of the parish. One adult server from this parish will be at the service to oversee the
GIFT BEARERS (optional)
For those who choose to celebrate Mass, you may select two people to bring forward the gifts of bread
and wine, which will be placed upon the altar for the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Again, those you select
should be active practicing Christians to act as gift bearers.
This is a gesture of prayer and petition that normally takes place toward the end of the wedding
celebration. The newly married couple (never the bride alone) asks Mary, as Mother of the Church and a 
model of discipleship, to remember them in her unceasing prayers. Flowers can be placed on the riser at
the Mary altar but not directly on the altar.
Because we revere the place in which the community of the Church gathers for worship, we ask that your
friends and relatives, particularly the wedding party, be aware of the sacredness of the church building.
In each Catholic Church, the Sacrament of the Lord’s Body is reserved in the tabernacle. For these
reasons we ask that all who enter the church at any time, whether before, during, or after the rehearsal or
during the wedding celebration itself, observe these basic principles:
Silence, respect and reverence while in the church, no food, drink or chewing gum. No alcoholic
beverages, drugs, tobacco or vaping products on the church grounds, including the parking lots
and street
All clothing and personal items must be removed from the church property upon completion of the
wedding. An hourly fee will be assessed for any time requested outside the parameters of the Agreement.
Uninvited guest(s) should be reported immediately to facility maintenance. It is the renter’s
responsibility to discreetly screen guests.
The parish hall is not available for rental or use for a reception at this time.
All flower arrangements and decorations must be coordinated and approved by the
sacristan/coordinator in accordance with the church guideline. Bows and fresh flowers may be used on
the pews, please have your florist check with the coordinator about the types of clips to be used. Fresh
flowers are allowed in the Sanctuary on the pedestals near the Blessed Sacrament and by the St. Joseph or
Marian Altars. No silk or artificial flowers are ever to be used.
We do understand the importance of photographs and videos for your personal keepsakes, but we also
request that the sanctity of the ceremony be maintained. The videographer and the photographer are
guests in the Cathedral and are asked to comply with the rules of the church. There should be no cameras in
the back sanctuary and absolutely NO CROSSING IN FRONT OF THE HOLY SACRAMENT at any time to
take a photograph. Please inform your videographer and photographer. There is a 4:00 p.m. Mass on
Saturday evenings if a wedding is scheduled at 6:00 p.m., please keep this in mind when scheduling your
pre-wedding photos. Allowing photographers/videographers in the choir loft is only permitted with
prior approval. If allowed, they must not obstruct the view of the organist, soloists or instrumentalists.
There is a 30-minute time limit for photos after the wedding. Please keep within this time frame and
please keep noise to a minimum.
Music is a vital part of the celebration of marriage. In keeping the reverent, grace-filled celebration,
music of a secular nature is not allowed. A wedding is a celebration of the Church’s sacraments, a list
of allowed music will be provided to you by the organist.
If you wish to use a soloist other than the cantor provided by this parish, please speak with your
consultant so that arrangements may be made with the soloist and organist. The organist is available to
practice with outside soloists one hour before the wedding: this is included in the prearranged fee. Any
other times for practice will have to be arranged with the organist. The Church is clear in the prohibiting
of pre-recorded music and is never to be used.
A separate fee schedule is included in this packet. Music fees are separate and will be paid directly to the
organist, soloist and any other musicians participating in the service. There is a $200 deposit that is nonrefundable;

it will be applied to the final payment. The balance of the fee is DUE SIX WEEKS
before the wedding date. Wedding fees are NOT REFUNDABLE within 30 days of the wedding.
A wedding is a Sacrament of the Catholic Church and is to be entered under free will. If you have been
drinking and/or impaired, under the influence of any substance, it is not considered free will. If there is
any violation of this particular Tenet, the celebrant of the wedding will be notified and the wedding will
not take place.
• No food or drinks are ever allowed inside the church, this includes water.
• Hurricane lamps on pews or pew candles are not allowed.
• Nothing is to be thrown in or outside the church. No rice, birdseed, confetti (biodegradable
or not), marshmallows, bubbles, sparklers, etc. NO EXCEPTIONS
• No flower petals are allowed to be dropped down the aisle.
• No aisle runners are allowed at the cathedral.
• No unity candles are to be allowed at St. Joseph Old Cathedral.
• No silk or artificial flowers.
• No flowers are allowed on the Altar.
• No pre-recorded music.
• No amplified music.
• Horseplay, running in the church, whistling, etc., will not be tolerated.
• Noise must be kept to a minimum, as the Holy Sacrament is housed here.

We remind you that you are a guest at St. Joseph Old Cathedral. The volunteers and workers are not to be
abused, either verbally or otherwise. Please use the trashcans provided in the dressing rooms for all
your consultant/coordinator for any help or questions concerning the planning of your wedding
ceremony. We wish you a joyous and blessed event.