Discover the Beauty and Riches of the Mass

The Mass is nothing short of amazing. Through it, we encounter God in the most intimate way possible as we hear him speak
to us in the Liturgy of the Word and as we receive him Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Holy Eucharist.

The words, the gestures, and the rituals of the Mass are rich in meaning. Everything we say and do in the Liturgy is steeped
in biblical language. A Biblical Walk Through the Mass explores the extraordinary biblical roots of the Liturgy and reveals
what it all means and why it all matters. This fascinating tour of the Mass will renew your faith and deepen your love for and
devotion to the Holy Eucharist.

The parish study group will meet in the parish hall on Mondays from 6:30-8PM from April 24 through May 22.
The registration fee of $25 simply covers the cost of the participant packet. Click here to register today!