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The Reformation: 500 Year Anniversary

It happened my last semester of seminary at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in Philadelphia. One morning in a class on the Holy Trinity, one of the best systematic theologians in the US, Fr. Richard Malone, came into the classroom and said this to us, who would soon be priests:

"Gentlemen, since most of the heresies in the life of the Church lasted for about 500 years, and since the Protestant Reformation began on Oct 31, 1517, it will be up to you as the future priests of the Church to reconcile the Church and put it back to gather.  And considering that if you take all the Methodists and all the Presbyterians and add them together, they now number less than the amount of Jews living in New York City; which shows that Protestantism, as a whole is dying on the vine and falling apart.  So good luck." .......


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